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Sustainability For The Soul

Harla is not just a fashion label, but a lifestyle. Lovingly created from scratch, each step of the process has its own rhythm, and our garments are unique. Every hand-created print, every stitch and hand-cut silhouette takes time to produce until we have a completed collection we’re proud to release.

Clothes that fill your heart not land-fill

The way we craft our clothes places us firmly with the Slow Fashion Movement, the complete opposite of ‘fast fashion’ which mass produces garments using toxic materials in overcrowded poor working conditions. Our garments are tailored by a small family run business in the sea side town of Canggu in Bali. We’ve been working with since 2016. We choose to work this way, paying fairly for their artistry, workmanship, skill and time. Their working conditions are paramount to the feel and quality expressed in each garment, and this is passed onto you. We want you to feel as good wearing them as they feel making them.

We strive for no fabric wastage by keeping our print runs small, creating some designs from surplus textiles, or changing the pattern to make sure every centimetre of fabric is used.
We only work with 100% natural fibers and all pieces are lined with quality fabric.

 A lot of effort and work - but most of all love - goes into every single Harla piece. Each garment is made to last and be cherished for years to come.

But while Harla strives toward sustainability, we know the fashion industry still has a long way to go. The cost of creating an ethical and sustainable clothing label is never cheap but we fervently believe that each step we make towards a more environmentally friendly fashion world is better than none at all.

Our clothes reflect our promise x